Good News For All of You Who Like Shopping: Now Your Shopping is not Only Economical, It Turns into A Source of Income

A Business Revolution That Turns Spending Into Income

Fingo has been established in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, and will soon open offices in Indonesia, then in Philippines and Vietnam. Let’s immediately take advantage of the opportunity by turning your shopping into a business, and become the leader, because the Fingo Account is Global and can be used anywhere.

Have you ever recommended Friends, Partners, or Family to shop at another online store / marketplace? The question is: Can you get a Commission from the results of your recommendation?


Definitely not !

We Introduce The Style of Shopping as well as New Business


Fingo is a newest online shopping marketplace application platform like Shopee / Lazada originating from China

Fingo is more than an online shopping app, it is a great platform to make money, You will get a Commission if you Refer a friend shopping at Fingo.

Fingo is an e-commerce platform based on social media that offers a wide range of high-quality products for shopping users.

Established by former Alibaba top executives. Fingo has its headquarters in China.

The marketing of its products is focused on the Southeast Asian region

Fingo attempts to provide you with the most high-quality goods that we select from Taobao and Tmall so that every product is quality guaranteed and recognized by customers.

Fingo became the pioneer and the only social ecommerce in Southeast Asia

Business Opportunity
E-Commerce :

Online shopping for primary, secondary, etc., is no longer just an expense but can be a source of income. In mentoring a giant marketplace company no. 1 of the world is the ALIBABA Group

JACK YI (Ceo Fingo) with JACK MA (Ceo Alibaba)

Jack Yi is Jack Ma’s foster child, Jack Yi has a lot of experience in sales management, internet advertising, and E-Commerce skills


Fingo was born from a work of professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in developing Alibaba.

3 Fingo Founders: Jack Yi, Yundong Liu, and Messi Wang Nan are those who have brought Alibaba Success to this day, they are former Top Management who have important positions on Alibaba


Investors from Fingo are a giant Chuxin Capital (Venture Capital) company in China that focuses on the Cellular Internet Platform. Chuxin Capital also invests on Alibaba.

FINGO is also financially supported by a large investment group from Japan (Softbank Group founder and CEO – Masayoshi Son) who also supports Alibaba and Yahoo

According to the CEO of FINGO Malaysia, the investment group has provided funds for promotional purposes and enlarging the FINGO for the next 10 years, one of which can be seen in the form of promotion of goods sold at FINGO in the form of Flash Sale


Hangzhou Fang Guo Information Technology Co., Ltd.(China)
Room 101-F,Unit 2,17, No. 1218 Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Contact No: 0571-86722286

Fingo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 1306111-M
Lot 6-1, Level 8, Menara Uncang Emas 3, Block A, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur,MalaysiaContact No: +03-28568797

อาคาร จี ทาวเวอร์ ชั้น33 ห้อง3315 ถนนพระราม 9
Huai Khwang Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand




Mr. Daniel’s income (from Malaysia) is RM 643.870. Equal to 4.772.077 (THB). Equal to 209.540 (SGD)

Because of the growth of highly-aged members to join FINGO, it is proven that there is FINGO member who get RM 20 / second.

This means that every hour (3600 seconds) this member already gets RM 72,000

For that much income, how do you do it?
You only need to register to become a Fingo member, then you only need to upgrade your membership to Preferred Shopper (PS), so you get a link code to be used to invite your friends who like shopping online to join as well. This is where you start the business.



BEST QUALITY BEST QUALITY Products are Guaranteed Original because they are directly from the company, the products have gone through rigorous testing and selection, International validity guarantee


You will get an affordable price, because fingo works directly with the brand owner and there will be a special price for fingo members


Becoming a Fingo Member is very easy, members get discounted prices and income from total personal spending and total group shopping



Is a common person who shopped at the Fingo Marketplace, Free Sign Up, Free App Download, Free 5RM Voucher

Is a Shopper that has been upgraded to a Preferred Shopper (PS), with the following advantages:

  1. Get a prize of 199RM Product (Malaysian Ringgit) or IDR 700,000
  2. Get a voucher worth 199RM (Malaysian Ringgit) or worth Rp. 700,000
  3. Get Sponsor Bonus every time you register PS 50RM (Malaysian Ringgit) or IDR 175,000
  4. Get 10% cashback on every personal purchase
  5. Get an income of 10% of the total Shopper referenced
  6. Valid internationally, valid for life and can be inherited

PS is successful in upgrading itself to AM. Has 10 PS personal reference and 19 PS random referral, with the following advantages:

  1. Get 14% Cashback on every personal purchase
  2. Get an Income of 14% of the total Shopper referenced
  3. Entitled to get 4% income from the total spending of PS and their groups (PS + Group)
  4. Get an income of 100RM (Rp. 350,000) per referring PS
  5. Get an income of 50RM (Rp. 175,000) every time there is an increase in PS in the Group
  6. AM gets 20% income on AM referenced directly

AM is the one that successfully upgraded itself to AT. Has 3 AM personal reference, has 4 AM indirectly and has a total of 500 groups (Combined PS + AM + AT), Benefits:

  1. Get 15.6% Cashback for every personal purchase
  2. Get an Income of 15.6% of the total Shopper referenced
  3. Entitled to get 5.6% Income from the total spending of PS and their groups (PS + Group)
  4. Entitled to get an Income of 1.6% of the total expenditure of the AM in the group
  5. Get an income of 135RM (Rp. 472,500) for every referral to PS
  6. Get an income of 85RM (Rp. 297,500) each time there is an increase in PS in the Group
  7. Get an income of 35RM (Rp. 122,500) every AM in the group referring PS
  8. AT gets 20% income from total AT income directly referenced

The Difference "FINGO" With Other Marketplaces


  1. Very exclusive because only those brand owners (direct brand owners) are allowed to sell, so they certainly have an impact on competitive prices and guaranteed product authenticity.
  2. Provide opportunities for fans of online shopping to get cashback for both personal spending and commissions for every spending from all friends that we recommend. This is possible because FINGO applies a networking system and member get member to accelerate marketing and introduction of FINGO. Only in fingo can we Change the Consumptive Life Pattern into Productive. It’s fun right?
  3. Prices can be cheaper because fingo cut Marketing Distribution Lines which are from Brand Owner Companies directly to Consumers.
  4. Guarantee of Original products (from the company that owns the brand that sells).
  5. Official warranty from the brand owner company.


  1. Everyone can register to be a seller and sell by simply uploading photos of products that are not even their own (dropship), so if in a conventional online marketplace, for one type and brand of products for example: Iphone X, we will be able to find different prices from dozens of sellers who were there.
  2. Sometimes there is a cashback promo for personal spending, and even then the value is small and can only be obtained at certain events with a minimum amount of spending restrictions. So here we are only directed to the Consumptive Lifestyle, shopping can be coupons … shopping again … etc.
  3. Prices cannot be cheaper because they pass through distribution channels in general. Company brand owner> Distributor> wholeseller> Reseller> Retailer. At each spot of the Distribution Line there will be a Mark Up Price.
  4. There is no guarantee of the original product, we can just buy something at seller A where the photo of the product looks good but after the item is received the reality does not match the original
  5. Sometimes there is no Official Guarantee from the brand owner’s company, only a shop guarantee.


Online Training Module

You will get a Guide to running a Fingo Business Online that can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as there is the Internet

Online Business from Home

Here you will LEARN how to sell from home using internet marketing both google ads and facebook ads

Web Replica

Exclusive Replica Web Members Area provides knowledge about this Business and the Support System and WEB REPLICA

How To Register FINGO

Then Click “Join Now”

Click “Sign Up”



Congratulations on your registration

Then Download fingo on Playstore / Appstore, install, then log in using the password that was created.

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